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It’s About Class (a poem)

Contrarian, true, defiance is a virtue,
but your opinion would matter more if you cared to elaborate.
You always seem to stop just before thinking becomes necessary,
because that would be work and you are above that.
Dreamer, in undisturbed slumber, cooed by monotone lullabies
and multisyllabic piffle-palaver, dream for me a land
without walls, frames, right angles, or man-structured order,
a land where the wise poplars profess truth in fields of colloquy
and rivers run with unrefined rant and reason.
Learner—love of my life—politely listening to lecture and
companions’ conjecture, leacher of knowledge, do not be discouraged
by the crabs’ jeers and jealousy:
Doing the work is not overachieving, it’s achieving.
Through battle, turmoil and strife we may achieve,
but with focus, open-mindedness and resolve you can succeed.