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Irregardless Dictionary of Nonwords (entry #3)

afterwaft – (n.) a grace period taken after engaging in certain private activities in which etiquette dictates one should take a moment for ventilation of mind and odors before reentering public spaces

anakronphobia – (n.) the fear of living anywhere other than Akron, Ohio

arthuritis Р(n.) a mental disorder (not yet cataloged in the DSM) in which the sufferer believes that he or she is the legendary King Arthur or another mediæval knight

symptoms include: overenthusiastic LARPing, unwarranted aggression towards windmills, pain in joints and swelling, and a socially unacceptable amount of time searching eBay for antique cups

babelnym (n.) – a word that does not have any precise or direct meaning other than in its language of origin

jovenistic – (adj.) feeling or displaying aggressive or exaggerated youthfulness; displaying prejudiced support for those of a youthful age

literally – (adv.) a nonsense word sometimes thrown into conversations for effect (sometimes referred to as a discourse participle)

praefornitor – (n.) a person typically employed by a monarch in fear of assassination to test sexual partners for sexually transmitted diseases

scatagories – (n.) a classification system devised for cataloging different varieties of poop (ie chalky white sidewalk poop, rabbit pellets, doo doo butter, etc)

sthlee – (n.) spittle collected in reservoirs at the corners of one’s mouth