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Irregardless Dictionary of Nonwords (entry #2)

biget – (n.) a person taller than a midget, i.e. big midget (usage note: this term is considered derogatory. The preferred term is big person.)

buttaful – (adj.) not attractive, yet unique and intriguing in presence; beautifully ugly

contra sequitur – (n.) the exact wrong thing to say in a given situation (usage note: where non sequiturs are often illogical and random, contra sequiturs are deliberate and precise opposites of expected responses)

doppeldangler – (n.) a double, or exact look-alike, of one’s own penis (in folklore, seeing your doppeldangler typically represents great misfortune for your penis)

evesdrop – (v.) to choose not to take part in the festivities of a holiday until the calendar day of the holiday