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Irregardless Dictionary of Nonwords (entry #1)

cuticles – (n. pl.) those aspects of a person or thing which are appealing or attractive

elemeno – (n.) an acronym pronounced as if it were a word (as in the pronunciation of a.s.a.p. as AY-sap )

lay people – (n. pl.) people outside of an industry who are easily bedded because of an aroused admiration for, or awe of, members of that industry (syn. groupies)

moibles – (n. pl.) minor flaws that your mother keeps pointing out about you leading you to neurosis

octopieces – (n. pl.) a litter of baby octopi

pediatrate – (v.) what a pediatrician does

scrooth – (n.) the sensation of drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth

synt – (n.) an extremely offensive term for a woman’s reproductive organ (as in see you next Tuesday)

titular – (adj.) of, or pertaining to, tits

zanzibar – (interj.) used to express a delightful sensation in the mouth