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Tricks, Treats and All Hallow’s Read

Trick-or-treating may have originated with Hallowmas caroling (or souling as it was known in mediæval times), but that doesn’t mean tricks and treats have to be pranks and candy. So this Hallowe’en, why not partake in All Hallows Read by tricking a friend with a terrifying tale or treating a child with a spooky story?

Handing out literature when children yell “Trick or treat!” (or as the Peanuts gang say, “Tricks or treats!”) may be grounds for getting you house egged, but telling ghost stories around a bonfire is a great way to bond with friends in the way humans have for thousands of years, and passing around a scary book is as great a way to prep for Hallowe’en as watching horror movies or listening to campy 80s metal.