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Irregardless Magazine is hard to explain: Writers at CNET say irregardlesssimultaneously makes sense and doesn’t make sense” and that “if you think about it long enough, it will blow your mind.” The editors at Merriam-Webster have simply condemned it as “nonstandard“. Much like the English language itself, Irregardless Magazine is a jumbled mess that is always evolving:

Irregardless began a few years ago as a Tumblr blog (originally titled Irresistibly Concise) on the summer solstice of 2012. The blog’s sole reason for existing was to find your humble editor, Mark-Anthony Lewis, a job by showcasing his web writing and HTML/CSS skills. He didn’t get the job.

In the spring of 2014, Irregardless became Irregardless Magazine and migrated to WordPress with the hopes of becoming an “audio literary journal”—that is, a podcast featuring storytelling and discussions about storytelling. For the following year, your editor struggled to gather submissions for the first “issue” and soon found out that Irregardless probably wasn’t going to be a podcast either.

Currently, Irregardless Magazine is packed full of readables for the literary mind: articles explore questions like why you can’t eat your cake and have it too, how we can get the French out of the English language, why it’s so hard to put a cover over Lolita and what the deal is with pumpernickel bread. Sometimes it’s interesting stuff; sometimes it’s silly nonsense.

So what is Irregardless Magazine? I guess it is whatever it ends up being.

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Your humble editor is a mostly friendly bloke, so feel free to send any questions, queries or compliments to sayhi [at] irregardlessmagazine [dot] com, or message @M_ALewis on Twitter.


Irregardless Magazine has been powered by WordPress since March 2014, the background is the “light paper fibers” texture by Jorge Fuentes, and the typefaces of choice are Baskerville (an intelligent font for intelligent folk) and IM Fell English, a typeface based on the work of Dr John Fell and developed by Igino Marini. Irregardless Magazine follows its own unique style guide.